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Blacklists Will Never Exist for Merchant Cash Advance

Everyone wants a list of Companies that backdoor or aren't "real" but who will do this and where will it be? I'll tell you one thing.

It ain't gonna be me

Quite frankly, it isn't going to be anyone and I will explain why. Remember, this is coming from someone who has been researching and vetting Companies for a very very long time and there are a few things I've learning in the journey of working within the Merchant Cash Advance space and here they are (with no help from Chatgpt)

#1 - This industry has NO BARRIER TO ENTRY so having a listing of who is "bad" has no legs to stand on. What is bad? What is considered not allowed or who can or cannot have access to social security numbers and banks statements? Whether there is a blacklist of criminals or not, there is not clear explanation of what a criminal in this space is.

We also need to remember that there are Funders out there who will fund anything as long as they can collect future sales.

Also, what happens when you take away a criminals way of making money? They get violent. Who wants that target on their back? Not me.

#2 - Personal relationships are KING. Remember that deBanked Article Give Him a Try. “He’s a Good Guy”... lessoned learned on my part there but even if you depend on referrals and recommendations in the space you will find that everyone's experience is different. We all know someone who is owed money or has ripped off someone but they're still in business and still chipping away at the market. When they will run out of people is all up to how SMART the market becomes.

How can you get smarter? - Realize that laziness is a big character flaw and talking too much without backup is a red flag. - When you call someone out/question something you found to validate your trust in working with them and they get defensive and quick to curse and take personal jabs? Red flag.

Let's keep going...

#3 - There is no GOOD list either. There may be sponsored lists or endorsed list but there is no scrubbed squeaky clean list that exists that is validated by an unbias list and checked against public record.

Why? You know how mad people would get?! I had the opportunity to vet three funding companies in the past week. Our checks include a full scrub and put against the standards that ISO Partners seek or want from partners. 2/3 failed. One of the failed is a good guy but their public representation and match up didn't add up. For an ISO seeking the difference between a FAKE and a REAL company is almost impossible by using a search engine alone UNLESS the company has taken measures to be open and vocal or associated with associations/coalitions that represent our industry.

If we cannot distinguish who is REAL and who is FAKE in the Merchant Cash Advance Industry, HOW CAN A BLACKLIST or even an acceptable list exist?

What can exist?

Even if I were to make certain points public and reveal the passing or failing status of the Funding Companies that tcB evaluates, we would face backlash from numerous individuals who lack the professional judgment and business acumen to understand that a "failing" grade often points to fixable issues. If the problems aren't fixable, it likely means they are deliberately trying to deceive or exploit the market they are targeting.

You are the market.

Now more than ever you are a target and though wanting (or needing) a blacklist is imperative it seems, we need to do the next best thing and outsmart those who think they're smarter than us.

The one thing that allows someone to do that is YOU being vulnerable. Let's continue to open our eyes and our minds and become more confident so you know when you are being targeted.

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