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About The Confident Broker

We Just Want You to Be Confident 💪 

Trying to make this website as genuine as possible was and still is the goal. Every sentence of every page and Broker Blog comes from a place of passion. A passion for creating a standard and providing the resources and humans who are willing and wanting to see Small Business thrive. Not only just survive.

For almost a decade, we fought with ourselves on being different in the struggles of comparing our business to those who attract you, the Business Owner. What we learned over time is not everyone, even the expensive and bold, know exactly what they are doing. All that shines isn't gold and knowledge and wisdom always prevailed.

Our Goal is Your Goal

Again...We Just Want You to Be Confident 😉


Being Confident is all about making change. Our intention was always to make the change in the ways that people learn and become knowledgable about subject matter and what helps them make decisions. The more you know and the more you create your own expectations and awareness, the better decisions you make. 

The Confident Broker brings a powerful impact of confidence within you to realize your full potential. Why? Because we do not have the desire to do it all for you.


Our Company was not build to serve but rather provide the services and resources for everyone to be self-sufficient BUT be confident enough to ask for help. 


We are grateful for your feedback. 
"Amanda and her team along with her network of financial institutions have helped me expand and provide the right financial programs and products to our clients. The Confident Broker focuses on honesty and transparency so there are no unexpected surprises when working with her and the team of seasoned industry veterans"


- Direct Funding Partner

Hollywood, Florida

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