Broker as a Noun and will always be expressed as a person who is compensated only if they completed a successful transaction. 


The compensation and transaction can be interchangeable; The complete and successful part of the definition is something we all have the power to help someone achieve. We do it everyday and have found ways to reach people and gain trust and partnerships that last. We’ve found our groove in the ways of change on all angles and we still find ways to survive and thrive. You probably don’t even realize the impact you make on someone until months or even years later. How you take that and continue to give is unique to you.

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Why Brokers?

No one realizes how important a Broker actually is! The person in between a transaction is responsible for most of the communication and within that communication lies the relativity and trust one person can provide to make a transaction successful. Underrated, this action and line of work is undermined by the word "Direct" but it doesn't always mean that source has capable humans to help clients. 

Brokers are Small Businesses too. 

An Independent Sales Organization (ISO) Business isn't far away from other industries that offer direct qualifying and application processing for clients. In this case, Brokers work mainly with other Small Businesses is an array of industries.


The feeling of struggle and success is very much dependent on how much you put in and Business Owners are the STRONGEST people we know. 

Being a Business Owner with a main goal of helping other Business Owners is tough. Though we rely on products by direct partners who offer wholesale partnerships to provide these options; The partnerships are ever changing and in result can be different depending on WHO you work with. 

Small Businesses Primarily
Work with Brokers.

You, as a Business Owner, will hardly ever receive a solicitation from a direct product company in Alternative Finance. Why? Their focus is on the money and the servicing. Not the sales. 

Though there are larger financial companies who poor millions into marketing such as ads, emails, and dozens of postal mailers; Alternate companies rely on the Broker to promote and submit qualified applicants for them. 

The problem? Anyone can do it. Yes, anyone. Your cousin Jimmy with no computer skills? He can be a Broker. Lina the Barista down at the coffee shop? Tomorrow she can be a Broker too. 

Is this a good thing? Yes and No. Here is why... 

Who You Work with Matters.

Expectation. We all have expectations even though we are told to not expect anything so we don't get disappointed. We don't believe in that here. 

We want you to have STANDARDS and expect only what you would give. It's not hard but unfortunately, we've been proven wrong and let down by humans enough to just deal with this new way of rejection and disappointment. 

Starting a business from scratch doesn't provide a roadmap or expectations but you can at least guide yourself and navigate through challenged surrounded by reliability, dependability, and credibility.

Where do you find those things? In the people, tools, and resources you surround yourself with. 

Why We Made it Our Focus.

It really sucks to lose. The only thing we can do is learn the lesson and positively push forward. When we "take a loss," we ride the wave of emotions that come with it. They say there is "no emotion in business" but what if it was your Business? 

As Brokers, we take plenty of losses and it all trickles down to the Clients we help. It stresses us out and pushing forward to replace a financing program or service provider is not easy, Especially when we're still trying to focus on current and new clients. 

We've been there and took the losses and decided it was time to "spill the secret sauce." The secret sauce is being able to access to things that only you would find over time, with great referrals, or working hard. The last one we can't help you with but we do provide the tools you need to build. 

All you need is discipline and to take action. 

How We Work TOGETHER to
Get It Done.

The Confident Broker is a Network of Brokers and Direct Product and Program Professionals that have come together with one goal.

To Help Bring Confidence to Those Who Really Want Success. 

Remember, Success is interchangeable. It can mean many things to many people. The feeling and emotion you get from it is something we all strive to feel. Those that give without expectation other than to have more people share that same feeling is priceless. It holds a value that cannot be put in dollars. Therefore, most of the confidence you receive from this network comes from the selfless act of kindness and motivation for another person to be great. 

That right there is hard to explain in this about section.


All we can do is continuously do the right thing and #beabetterBroker for Small Business. 

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